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Benelux Process offer for the development of new alternative green technologies, Analytical Instruments and Process Systems in collaboration with certified high-tech European companies.

For projects that use technology to ensure clean energy, healthier environmental conditions, electromobility, sustainable agriculture, and so on.

  • Our Partners

Are financially sound, globally acting companies with well founded scientific knowledge and highly specialized private, medium-sized companies. Their products originate exclusively from their own developments.

  • Our Technologies

Vacuum Technology, Gas-, surface-analysis and plasma characterization. Used by Engineers and researchers for the development of functional thin films, catalysts, fuel cells, hydrogen research, microbiology and food industry.

Surface treatment systems with ion beam technology for the development of microelectronic components like MEMS, microelectronics circuits, and precision optics industries.

  • About Benelux Process

We draw on more then 35 years of experience and expertise we have acquired in the various fields of these technologies realizing the link between our partners and public- and private research institutes, Universities and production companies. We would be delighted to provide; formal consultancy, customer friendly support and advice as appropriate.