IUVSTA delegates

IUVSTA is an international federation of thirty national vacuum organizations. It represents nearly 15,000 physicists, chemists, materials scientists, engineers and technologists who are active in basic and applied research, development, manufacturing, sales and education. The purpose of IUVSTA is to provide a worldwide platform for the promotion, proliferation, and education of vacuum science, techniques, and applications. The interests of IUVSTA encompass not only vacuum per se, but those disciplines that use vacuum as an important tool. IUVSTA divisions coordinate and organize the technical program of the triennial International Vacuum Congresses (IVC) and Conferences sponsored by the Union. International Vacuum Congress sessions are divided on the basis of the divisional structure, and each division plays an important role in the selection of scientific papers, invited speakers, and moderators.

BELVAC is represented at the Executive Council Meetings  by a Councillor and an Alternate Councillor. For the triennium 2022-2025, Diederik Depla acts as Councillor and François Reniers as Alternate Councillor.

BELVAC members also hold two important positions with IUVSTA. François Reniers is current president of this international society, and Arnaud Delcorte is treasurer.