Rony Snyders

Rony Snyders received his PhD in Science from UMONS in 2004 and carried out two post-doctoral stays at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada (2004-2006) and RWTH Aachen University, Germany (2006-2007) partly under the cover of a FNRS research fellow mandate. He is now full professor at Faculty of Sciences of UMONS where he leads the Plasma-Surface Interaction Chemistry (ChIPS) group since 2007. He is one of the Scientific Director of Materia Nova R&D, Mons, Belgium and since 2017, guest Professor at the Technical University of Tianjin, Tianjin, China. He is past-president of the Belgian Vacuum Society (2018-2021) and members of several boards: IONICS, IVT, INISMA, Materia Nova. His interests are on the utilization of low pressure plasmas for the processing of materials and for the conversion of gases with a special attention to the characterization of the plasma phase during these processes. He has been promoting 21 PhD thesis and co-authored more than 245 peer-reviewed papers in the fields of thin films synthesis (magnetron sputtering, plasma polymerization,…), of plasma functionalization, and of plasma chemistry (H-index: 44; overall citations: 7060). In his institution, he has been member of the Rectoral College as advisor for interregional matters (2019-2022) and is now member of the Rectoral board as coordinator of the European University EUNICE at UMONS.