Tijani Tabarrant

Tijani Tabarrant is currently working at LARN laboratory and SIAM platform from UNamur, as R&D Engineer. He has received two degree in electronic and mechanical engineering in 1997 and 2002, completed by a master’s degree in industrial engineering (electronics) in 2009 from Institut Supérieur Industriel, Charleroi (Belgium). He joined the LPME from UNamur 2000 as Technician, and then Engineer in LARN laboratory. After a short period as Technical Director at DDB in Luxembourg in 2016, he went back to LARN as permanent position, shared with SIAM platform. His activities are focused on development and maintenance of ALTAÏS particle accelerator (TANDEM 2MeV), that has research line oriented toward surface science and radiobiology. He is also in charge of different development for magnetron sputtering systems, X-ray irradiator, and IBA microprobe.

Main research topic

ALTAÏS (Accélérateur Linéaire Tandétron pour l’Analyse et l’Implantation des Solides) is a 2MeV particles accelerator, where almost any kind of elements can be accelerated, thanks to both solid and gaseous sources. This tool is devoted to academic and industrial research, for material science and radiobiology application. Concerning material science, it is used in the characterization of films and surfaces with Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis (ERDA), Rutherford Backscattered Spectroscopy (RBS), Nuclear Reaction Analysis (NRA), and Particle induced X-ray emission (PIXE) techniques, but also for neutron detection. For radiobiology applications, ALTAÏS serves as station for several purpose including cells irradiation, with different particles such as protons, carbon, or alpha particles.

ALTAÏS Accelerator